Cameron 2
Class Messenger
Rank Anawim
Weapon of Choice Bottled Hope
Wingspan Unknown
Vehicle Wings
Color Blue
Height Unknown
"You have my word I won't let you down." -Cameron to Ramuel

CAMERON is a young messenger anawim who helps Ramuel on many of his missions.


In the messengers episode Return to Sender, Cameron and Ramuel run through a large city trying to outrace the enemy Ripwings. Cameron and Ramuel hide but then Cameron accidentally drops the message he was carrying and gives away their position. Fortunately, Cameron calls for backup and Swift, Eli, and Kira come and protect them. Swift then orders Eli, Kira, and Cameron to hid underground while Swift buys them time. Eli, Kira, and Cameron were then ambushed by a Trash Monster but thanks to Cameron they escaped to ground level. Cameron then distracted a ripwing patrol by hiding in a church while Eli and Kira delivered the message. The message made the ripwings disintegrate because of the hope it gave to the little girl that her brother would be okay.


Cameron was a gifted student in The Academy as he was the first to get his wings. However, he is somewhat unsure of his own abilities. Cameron seeks to do his duty yet is often afraid. Despite this, Cameron is an effective messenger that he was chosen to be Ramuel's aide.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Like all Messengers Cameron is gifted with great speed. He, like all Messengers, does not have any weapons so he uses bottles of hope to fend off Demons.


  • Cameron has wings even though he is an Anawim.

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