"Only with this instrument can we defeat the demon Discord" - Ramuel

Caliburn is the legendary sword that cannot be broken. It mysteriously broke, however, when used against Discord. Caliburn was turned into Paladin's starblades when reforged by Paddy. Caliburn was never actually called a weapon but it was called an instrument.

Michael gives Caliburn to Paladin


During The Great War, Ramuel summoned Paladin to retrieve Caliburn from Michael at The Seven and bring it to the Awes. Paladin was told to deliver it to him rather than using it. Paladin grabbed his Airboard and flew off to The Seven where he retrieved the sword from Michael and Morgan. Unfortunately, Discord had disabled all of the angel warships and captured the angels in stone. Acting quickly, Paladin engaged Discord but when he swung Caliburn is shattered into pieces. Fortunately, Paddy his airboard mechanic rescued him and brought him to a safe room that had working pylons. Paladin then asked Paddy to turn the shards of Caliburn into what would later become his starblades. When Discord attacked Paladin in the pylon room, Paladin threw his starblades at the pylons which made a melodic sound, which eventually killed Discord, freed the angels, and got the angel warships back online.


  • Caliburn is based off a sword in the story of King Arthur.

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