"We gotta kill the big one." - Kira to Eli

The BUG QUEEN was a hard-shelled insect demon Kira and Eli destroyed in the episode Sticking Together. The bug queen is much larger than the other insect demons of her colony.


When Kira volunteered herself and Eli to supervise a little girl who was using a pick pole to tidy up a messy city street, Eli complained about the boring assignment. He then noticed that a strange-looking bug just hit him on the head, and he tried to get Kira to stop watching the little girl for a moment to examine the insect. Kira refused, and the bug began flying away. Eli told Kira that he was going to chase after it, but Kira declined to come along, warning Eli that she was tired of getting in trouble for him and that she planned to request a new partner when she returned to the Seven. Eli pretended he didn't care and followed through with his pursuit of the demonic bug.

When the little girl Kira was guarding sat down on a curb to rest, Kira seated herself beside the child. Kira noticed a large insect like the one Eli chased away began crawling over the little girl, seeming to make her even more depressed. Kira knocked it off and shot it with her crossbow Honu. Using the gamma screen application on her visor, Kira was able to locate the source of the demonic bug infestation - an abandoned school at the end of the street.

Kira entered the school and followed some strange noises to the school's basement. Once inside the boiler room, Kira encountered the huge bug queen, who continually sprayed Kira with a viscous green slime. Kira called for Eli's help, and he managed to swing from a nearby building's eavestrough into the school's boiler room basement.

When Eli wasn't able to find Kira, she told him to put on his visor and go to gamma screen. After finding her easily and cutting her out of a mound of sticky slime, the bug queen hovered over and attacked the angels with slime. Eli ran up to the bug queen to stab her, but she rolled up into a ball, and Eli's blade was unable to penetrate her hard shell. Kira ordered Eli to fall back because she had a plan.

Eli jumped toward the bug queen once again, but this time, instead of stabbing it, Eli hurled his sword at her to prevent her from curling up into a ball again. With the bug queen's soft underbelly now exposed, Kira shot the demonic insect with her crossbow.


  • The bug queen emits a strange demonic laugh before she squirts her victims with slime
  • The Bug Queen had 6 eyes.

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