"A little bottled hope ... Demons hate this stuff." - Ramuel to Cameron, after being attacked by ripwings

BOTTLED HOPE were containers filled with small amounts of hope, used mainly by messenger angels (who did not fight physically) as a kind of temporary shield. Demons were extremely averse to hope in any form and either recoiled from its glow or were disintegrated by it, if the amount of hope were strong enough.


In the episode Return to Sender, messenger angels Ramuel and Cameron received orders from the Maker to deliver a message to someone in the city (like all messages, the scroll would guide the angels to its intended recipient). Feeling somewhat insecure as the duo dashed around the city, Cameron's wings failed to activate when he attempted to leap over a building while following Ramuel. Ramuel returned to scoop up Cameron and carry him to a safe spot under a doorway's awning.

While apologizing profusely for his mistake, Cameron clumsily dropped the scroll message onto the ground and instinctively stepped forward out of his hiding spot to grab the scroll. The ripwing that had been sitting on the doorway's awning found Cameron easily and readied its scorpion-like tail to sting Cameron. Gallantly, Ramuel shoved his anawim out of the way so that Ramuel would take the sting for Cameron. Cameron once again apologized, but Ramuel reminded his young apprentice that while messengers did not fight, they were not without their defences. Ramuel then brought out what looked like a silver water bottle and pressed a button, releasing the brilliant hope inside the container. The small light that emanated from the bottle created a temporary shield protecting the two messengers, giving Cameron enough time to call for guardian back up.


  • The hope Ramuel released didn't seem to last too long, as it began to fade even while Cameron started calling for guardian back up. This could either indicate that messengers didn't usually carry around much bottled hope, or that Ramuel had used up some of the hope previously and didn't have much left of it for his encounter with the ripwings.

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