Be Careful What You Wish For is the third angel wars episode in The Messengers.


After a hard battle, Eli and Kira plan to return to The Seven but Eli sees someone lurking around and he leaves Kira to investigate. When Eli finds an evil version of himself with Wings, the false Eli tempts Eli to take his wings. Eli then sees a young boy in trouble he takes the wings and flies to help him. Eli then finds that he likes the wings and keeps them. Eli then helps many other people, including an elderly lady crossing the street in front of a museum and some firefighters trying to put out a downtown fire. Swift and Paladin are impressed by him. Kira then asks to learn from Eli yet Eli lashes out at her and says, "Do you really think you could become as great of an angel as I?" Eli then apologizes and says he is overtired. Unfortunately, Eli cannot control when his wings open or close and must hide from the other angels. One time Kira caught Eli with his wings but he tracked her down in the library and extracted a promise from her not to tell Michael. Kira and Eli then ask Michael if their is a way to get wings without earning them. Michael tells the Anawim that they cannot get real wings without earning them just wings that are imposters. Eventually, the wings corrupt Eli and he attacks Kira. Michael however finds him an Eli then tries to attack Michael. Eli accidentally strikes a electric sign with his sword and gets electrocuted and his wings fall off. The sign that he hit read, "Good Deli," when he struck the sign the "D" in deli flickered out and the sign read "Good Eli." Later at the seven Kira and Eli agree he was better off without the wings. (Although Eli admits he misses his competitive edge.) Kira reminds Eli that they are both getting their wings for real one day and they fly off to help some one.


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