"Great it had to be a tight spot!" - Armstrong

Class Human
Rank Pilot
Weapon of Choice None
Wingspan N/A
Vehicle Freight carrier
Color Blue
Height {{{height}}}

ARMSTRONG is a female pilot who saved the citizens of the lunar colony.


Armstrong was a student pilot who worked to get her piloting license but failed to pass her landing test and so Mr. McLardy failed her. Mr. McLardy then told Armstrong that if she flew a robot to the moon then she could get her license. Armstrong under the influence of Morg agreed to fly to the moon. Later, the pilots had to go through inspection but they knew it would take a long time. Morg then influenced them to lie to skip inspection but Arianna influenced her to not lie. Armstrong does the right thing and turns around but her engine misfires and she crashes on the moon. The robot she delivered then attacked the lunar colony because Morg transformed it to an attack bot. Armstrong daringly flies to a landing zone where she crashes a little because of a bad landing but saves the citizens of the lunar colony from the robot. She then gets her license.


  • Armstrong is voiced by Laura Wickes.
  • It is unknown if she actually gets her license

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