The APPOLLYON was Morg's former base of operations.

The Appollyon

Description Edit

G2 energy ap


Celestial Cruiser


2850 cubits


3145 cubits


Bow Bayonet

Downed toward the end of The Great War, the APPOLLYON was the base of operations for the traitorous angel MORGAN. This behemoth of the heavens became a mobile staging point for some of the rebellion's most vicious attacks. An armory of 66 heavy artillery turrets and an armada of light fighters and bombers made this one of the most intimidating battle cruisers on either side of the war.


The Appollyon was one of the most powerful ships during The Great War so it is strange that it was downed. It then became the place where Cubus and Shadow awoke Morg. Shadow also held Eli and Kira prisoner here. It was destroyed when Morg recklessly attacked Eli and destroyed most of the Appollyon. After Eli and Kira defeated Morg, the Appolyon began to collapse.

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  • Applllyon means Abbadon in the Greek tongue.
  • Abbadon is king over the bottomless pit.
  • The Appollyon has two Redemption Cards for it: "Demonic Stronghold" and "The Pit."

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