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Swift! the wiki's first featured article. Swift is a hammer wielding angel that is stronger than any other. He is an elite warrior of The Guardian Force.


Michael the famed Archangel of The Guardian Force. Michael is the wisest angel and has shining golden armor. He is also one of the main characters in Angel Wars


Arianna the purple angel who is known for her amazing skill. Arianna is Michael's second in command and is recognized for her serious composure.

Panic Demon PromoEdit

Panic Demon (Promo) is a special promotional card that depicts a Panic Demon on a speeder. It could only be attained if one participated in the local Redemption tournament.


Morg is a powerful demon. Formerly Michael's best friend known as Morgan, Morg betrayed the other angels for great power. He is the main enemy of the angels in the first three episodes.

The Great WarEdit

The Great War was the famous war in which The Maker defeated The Dragon in a giant war in heaven.

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