Sol quest

Angel Wars Soul quest was the predecessor to Angel Wars Guardian Force.


The year is 2028 - a time when Angels and Demons battle over the city of Tarbuck. In his sky fortress, high above the earth, the evil demon Morg and his two bungling assistants, Que and Budge, have unleashed a plan to destroy the city. But warrior angels Michael, Swift, and Paladin have other ideas. Enter 15-year-old Ryan and his friends Penny and Winston. Ryan is a daydreamer who can't even defend himself against Zeek, the local bully, much less an inter-dimensional attack. But, along the way he discovers that when his strength is not enough, God sends help. Angel Wars: Soul Quest offers spiritual truth inside a fun, animated adventure full of loveable characters, robo-dogs and hoverboards, epic battles and that age-old struggle of good versus evil.


  • Angel Wars Soul Quest was discarded in favor of the new Guardian Force series.
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