"Cut him down, fire!" -Graven to Admiral

Graven's ADMIRAL is never named in the movie and only has a small scene.


Admiral (AW)

Admiral's Redemption Card


Graven chose a Panic Demon over the others because he had great leadership. That Panic Demon became Admiral. In Episode 2: Blue Moon admiral deploys a squadron of panic demons under the command of Graven. When Swift attacked, Admiral used two blaster cannons to shoot Swift Admiral was killed by Swift along with the other Panic Demons.


Admiral is loyal to Graven and will do what he commands. He is like the other Panic Demons and Obsidian Minions when it comes to fighting, However, Admiral is more strategic and intelligent.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Admiral can shoot fire out of his gauntlet like Panic Demons and Obsidian Minions. He also can command other panic demons. Admiral also manned the Gatling Cannon on Graven's Command Base.


  • The name Admiral was made by Cactus Game Design
  • The name Admiral remind people that demons have ranks and rulers as mentioned in Revelation 9
  • Admiral was voiced by Daniel Wang.

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