The abandoned school was a condemned building and the site of the demonic bug queen and her colony's nest
in the episode Sticking Together.


At the beginning of the episode, Kira and Eli were assigned a mission to protect a little girl as she was picking up litter in a city street one evening. Eli got bored of the mission, so he took off chasing after a demonic bug that hit him in the head. Kira chose to remain with the girl as she collected trash.

When the little girl sat down on the sidewalk to take a rest, Kira noticed that one of the strange insects that had hit Eli earlier was crawling all over the little girl's head. Kira knocked the vermin off the child's shoulder and shot the bug with Honu. Using the gamma screen application on her visor, Kira detected the site of the demonic bug infestation to be an abandoned school at the end of the street.

Kira entered the building to investigate. She walked down the hallway of the abandoned school past classrooms still full of desks and bulletin boards with flyers still pinned up. The door to the school's basement mysteriously flew open and she, thinking it was just Eli, walked down the stairs. When she reached the basement, she encountered the demonic bug colony's queen, who sprayed a viscous green liquid at Kira to protect the colony's nest. Trapped in the sticky goo, Kira called loudly for Eli's help.

In a predicament of his own, Eli heard Kira's call while hanging precariously from a nearby building's eavestrough. He swung from the eavestrough into the building and fell through one floor to the school's basement. Eli called out for Kira but couldn't see her until she told him to put his visor on and go to gamma screen. Eli cut Kira out of the sticky goo and proceeded to stab the bug queen with his blade, but she curled up in a ball and her shell was too hard. Kira told Eli to hurl his sword at the bug queen so she couldn't roll into a ball again. He did so, and with the bug queen's soft underbelly thus exposed, Kira fired several shots from her crossbow at the queen's mid-section and killed her.

After destroying the demonic insect infestation, Eli and Kira exited the abandoned school and were happy to see the little girl cleaning up the city street with the help of a homeless man.


  • Perhaps the demonic bug infestation was the reason the school was condemned.

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