A Bone To Pick is an Angel Wars episode. It is the second story in The Messengers.


Ogrid lord of the Slither Demons, awakens his son Og in a museum by bringing a dinosaur display to life. Eli then tells Michael that he and Kira will fight the Demons on the Earth. Michael, however, tells Eli that he must look for guidance from The Maker if he is to defeat the demons. Meanwhile, Og, against the command of Ogrid goes on a rampage and wreaks the city smashing Norman's car and eating the contents of a snack truck. Eli and Kira then attack Og and Kira makes Ogrid slip on a hockey rink. She then makes a sling from a net and puts a hockey puck in it trying to do the classic move David does against Goliath. However, Og catches the puck and hurls it at Eli knocking him unconscious. While Eli is unconscious he sees Michael reminding him to look to The Maker for guidance. Eli then wakes up and he and Kira chase Og. Og and Ogrid are in a fight in a farmer's field outside the city, where Ogrid tries to force Og into submission and Og tries to destroy his master. When Eli and Kira find the Demons, they are attacked on both sides. Eli and Kira decide they must look to The Maker for guidance and so they get on their knees and pray. Unseen by either of them, blasts of energy shot by both Og hit Ogrid and blasts from Ogrid kill Og. Their prayers answered, the Anawim return to The Seven where they join Michael in prayer to The Maker. Eli, however, is distracted by a recording of the battle but Michael rebukes him and they continue praying.


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